Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss

Every male that has experienced any form of baldness has wanted to stop hair loss. Hair loss can be a psychologically damaging event - your confidence can be crushed, your self-esteem takes a hit, and if you do not stop hair loss soon enough, your social skills may also be diminished.

But it is not that easy to stop hair loss. Hair loss caused by DHT - a hormone that binds to the roots of your hair and prevents hair growth - is a chemical that your body will continue to create unless you take the necessary steps in order to reduce the amount of DHT in your body.

Stopping DHT - Preventing Hair Loss

Since the only way to stop hair loss is to reduce the amount of DHT in your body, you are going to want to find a way to prevent DHT from being produced. There are several chemical formulas designed to do this, but they can be incredibly dangerous, because rather than simply preventing the creation of DHT, they tend to prevent some of the testosterone your body creates instead, causing adverse side effects.

The natural way to block DHT is to use a formula of natural ingredients that prevents DHT from forming without affecting your testosterone levels. This is not as hard to do as it sounds. There are several natural herbs and minerals designed to stop hair loss be preventing the formation of DHT.

How DHT is Made

DHT is created when an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase combines with testosterone in your body. How these natural formulas work to stop hair loss is they simply to not allow the enzyme to combine with testosterone. That"s it. The testosterone is still there, doing whatever testosterone does. The enzyme is still there, doing whatever the enzyme does. But the DHT is not significantly reduced, removing its hold on your hair follicles and allowing them to receive the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow correctly.

These herbs and minerals have been tested and used for centuries, but only recently are they being advised by alternative medicine enthusiasts for daily doses. One of the best formulas to stop hair loss can be found in a product known as Procerin. Procerin is a combination of two methods of preventing hair loss - a pill to help you reduce your DHT levels and a shampoo to help prevent the DHT from binding to your scalp.

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