How to Stop Hair Loss?

It can happen fairly quickly. One morning you wake up, start to comb your hair, and you notice that a few extra hairs seem to be missing. A few weeks later you see that the sides of your forehead appear to be getting bigger, and the middle of you scalp is starting to appear far more skin toned than you remember it.

Hair loss can occur to anyone, at any moment. Though it is largely genetic, even those without a family history of pattern baldness may experience it at some point in their lives. Whether it is due to age, DHT, stress or nutrition, hair loss is a fact of life for a significant portion of the country, and those suffering from hair loss will either need to accept it or find a way to prevent it from receding further.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

The methods for preventing hair loss are related, in large part, to its cause. For some, treatment may be as simple as changing one's diet. For others, it may be far more difficult. But whatever the cause, you need to start early if you expect to save your remaining hair.

How to Stop Hair Loss from Stress and Nutrition?

Stress and poor nutrition are both very common causes of hair loss. They are generally not genetic (though your genes may make you more inclined to experience stress) so they can be treatable without any medications. For stress related hair loss you simply need to reduce the stress in your life, and for nutrition related hair loss, consider adding a vitamin that gives you the minerals necessary to keep your hair, like Zinc and Vitamin B-6.

How to Stop Hair Loss from DHT ?

For DHT related hair loss, you will need to take a medication that prevents the DHT from forming. The best method of this are natural supplements like Procerin that reduce the amount of DHT in your body without affecting your hormone levels. Chemical medications can have some incredibly unpleasant side effects.

How to Stop Hair Loss from Age ?

Age related hair loss is far more difficult to treat. Once you are sure it is not DHT related hair loss or nutrition based, you may want to consider hair restoration surgery. They are painful and expensive, but they are generally effective regardless of age, and can provide you with the head of hair you want.

If you are wondering how to stop hair loss, you are going to want to find out first what is causing it. Then, if it is treatable by something like Procerin, you are going to want to get started right away to ensure you stop your hair loss before more hairs come out.

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