Stop Hair Loss Tips

2 Tips to Stop Hair Loss

There are so many different stop hair loss tips that you will find both on and offline that it almost makes it seem like hair loss is easy to cure. These stop hair loss tips include almost everything, from rubbing egg whites in your hair to creating Indian food meals with weird and expensive chemicals and dowsing your entire scalp into it.

But do these stop hair loss tips work? Unlikely.

One of the Main Stop Hair Loss Tips

One tip that is gaining in popularity considerably is the use of aromatherapy to start stimulating hair growth. The idea is that if you are able to surround yourself with specific scents, you can excite your hair in order to get it to grow larger.

But this is an illogical belief to take, primarily because hair cannot grow larger without nutrients, and when you do not treat your hair loss correctly, you are not providing it with those nutrients. To use an analogy, aromatherapy for hair loss is like talking to a plant without giving it water and expecting it to grow. Yes, talking to a plant seems like it will help (there are anecdotes that it works) but if you do not actually feed the plant or give it the nutrients it needs to grow, nothing is going to happen.

Still, just because aromatherapy and other strange treatments do not work doesn't mean that you must use the chemical treatments if you expect to get rid of your hair loss. There are still other options.

2 Stop Hair Loss Tips

  • The first is not brush your hair too hard or dye your hair or do anything that can cause your hair to weaken even further and get pulled out. Permanent hair loss occurs when your follicle is so weak it can no longer stay on your scalp, and eventually it gets pulled out with one of the hairs you are losing. If that follicle stays in your scalp, it can someday get nutrients again and ultimate start to grow hair.
  • The second tip is to use a natural supplement like Procerin to treat your hair loss safely, so that you do not need to use any of the chemical treatments or worry that you are going to suffer from some type of health problems due to the side effects of the chemical medicines.

Both those tips virtually ensure you will be able to save your hair.

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