Stop Male Hair Loss

Whether it is a good or bad thing, pharmaceutical and medicinal companies like to come out with as many products as they can for health problems that are highly stressful for men and women, hoping they will buy the products as an impulse buy in order to fix the problem. Hair loss is no different, as more and more research is being done every day to find ways to stop male hair loss because these companies know that the more products they can come out with that stop male hair loss, the more likely someone will be to purchase the products.


One of the major problems with companies researching all of these ways to stop male hair loss is that they rarely stop to think about the consequences of their actions. For example, the pharmaceutical companies came out with a medication known to prevent DHT and stop male hair loss. But what they 'overlooked' (in that they did not feel it was important) was that rather than just stop male hair loss, the product also had the ability to cause some serious sexual side effects due to its effect on testosterone.

Now, these companies freely admitted this side effect, because they assumed that people that suffered from hair loss would be willing to take the risk. But what they did not realize is that hair loss is a 100% psychological problem. There are no health problems that occur because one loses their hair - the reason people want their hair is because their hair gives them confidence and is a part of their look or style - these are all psychological phenomenon, rather than health related problems.

So why would someone looking to stop male hair loss due to these psychological problems ever be willing to risk sexual side effects (including impotency) when that is arguably a significantly worse psychological problem. The psychological effects of suffering from some sort of sexual dysfunction far outweigh the psychological effects of hair loss. Ask any man rather they'd prefer a 10% risk of nausea (a standard medicinal side effect) or a 2% risk of sexual dysfunction, and you will almost always get people that prefer the nausea, because no man wants to experience the humiliation of a sexual dysfunction when the sole purpose of saving their hair is to keep their self confidence.

Until these pharmaceutical companies realize that they need to address hair loss as though it is a psychological issue as well, these companies are never going to be able to find a product that beats the natural alternatives, that have no side effects at all.

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