Treatments to Stop Hair Loss

Available Treatments to Stop Hair Loss

Many people have tried to come up with unique treatments to stop hair loss that do not require 'purchasing' anything. For example, there has long been an urban myth that if your rub pure egg whites into your hair (without yolks) you will be able to get your hairs to start growing again because you will be stimulating them somehow.

But that is not going to work, just as most treatments to stop hair loss that do not actually address the cause of your hair loss are not going to be effective, no matter how much people swear by them.

The Cause of Hair Loss

Most men suffer from hair loss due to the overproduction of a hormone known as DHT. DHT (or its longer name, Dihydrotestosterone) is an androgen (male hormone) that is 3 times as powerful as testosterone. You have a lot of it when you are younger because it is vital for male secondary characteristics. But when you get older, it is significantly less needed because you are done developing. The fact that you are still creating the hormone in high levels is the reason that you continue to suffer from hair loss, as the hormone – with nothing else to do in your body – ends up attaching itself to the roots of your hair and blocking nutrients from getting absorbed into your follicles.

Treatments to Stop Hair Loss

That is why to stop hair loss from occurring you need to be using treatments that involve ingredients that reduce the amount of DHT that your body creates. There are chemicals that do this, but they are extremely unsafe and should not be used unless you have no other choice. There are also natural treatments to stop hair loss – treatments that are just as effective as the chemical options but do not have any side effects and work in such a way that you will never have to worry about any long term health problems if you continue to use them for years and years.

Of all of the natural treatments to stop hair loss, the best one available is a safe and natural product known as Procerin, which is located at Procerin is a great way to treat your hair loss naturally, with no side effects and no risk for any health problems that you cause you to stop taking the treatment either now or in the future.

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