Vitamins to Stop Hair Loss

In order to prevent future hairs from falling out, many people have decided to switch to multi vitamins to stop hair loss from occurring. Choosing the right vitamin, however, can be difficult, as many address only certain causes of hair loss or do not address a single cause in full.

Three types of hair loss that are easily treatable are:

  • Stress
  • Nutrition
  • DHT

Of the three, the only one that truly needs its own vitamin is DHT, as this is the only type of hair loss that is not treatable using outside methods (like changing one's diet or dealing with the stressful situation). But there are vitamins to stop hair loss that actually address all three of these issues, and incredibly well.


Procerin is one of the vitamins to stop hair loss that is so effective at preventing all kinds of hair loss that it has become its own vitamin for any hair loss not related to age or chemotherapy. It uses a combination of herbs and minerals designed to ensure that all types of hair loss are dealt with.

There is a paradox in hair loss. Any type of hair loss, like that caused by DHT, can be stressful. So even if you are only experiencing DHT related hair loss, even when you fix the problem you may now be experiencing new stresses that are causing you to lose even more hair, even though the treatment is actually working.

What Procerin does is address all three issues. It provides you with the many herbal remedies for DHT related hair loss, but it also provides you with the nutrients and vitamins to stop hair loss as well as anti-stress herbs to ensure that you are not experiencing a great deal of stress due to the hair loss or any outside factors.

This is what puts the Procerin product ahead of the rest - there is an attention to detail not seen in many of the other vitamins to stop hair loss. Procerin makes sure that all aspects of hair loss are address (that can be addressed without any health problems) even though the primary purpose of the product is to stop DHT related hair loss.

For more information about Procerin and how it may compare to other vitamins to stop hair loss, visit their website at for details about their ingredients and how they can work for you.

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